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We would like to take the privilege of introducing our organization M/s. Royal Industries. Our organization is one of the leading company in developing automation systems and special purpose machine for variety of applications. We have a team of designers from different fields of expertise for crucial and critical application development.

We have the infrastructure for developing medium complexity to higher complexity machines or systems. Our organization’s motto is providing solution for customer solution rather than the machine sale. We have business associates for design some of them are Mr. Durga Prasad who is Post Graduate and has 15 years of hard-core design experience in developing machines ranging from metal cutting to automation systems. Mr. Laxmi Kanth who is Post-Graduate and has 10 years of experience in developing process specific machines for special purpose applications. Mr. D.V. Krishna has thirty years of experience in machine tool design technology. Mr. R. Ashok who is graduate in Electronics for developing Control System adaptable for solution/machine. Apart from above people we have different people working with us as associates from time to time depending on specific requirement.

We are pleased to site you some of the Special Purpose Machines, we have developed in recent past are as follows:

1. Gantry systems for critical components handling. We have expertise in developing multiple axis Gantry/pick and place systems for wide range of applications and different technologies like pneumatically controlled for low cost solution to servo system for precise and highly flexible operation. We have the integration capability of PLC and CNC Systems of different fields.

2. Component Transfer Systems

a) Rotary Index Systems. System developed by rotary index component inserter for electronic components for assembly application.

b) Linear Index System: System was developed for precise index in press transfer system for progressive piercing.

3. Jigs and fixtures of different kinds are developed for different applications ranging from metal cutting tools to automation systems. List includes pallet transfer system, auto tool changer, Billet loader, power feeder, auto design system, component segregator etc.

4. Developed different types of machines for agricultural applications like Sago Granule Steaming Machine, Seed Planting Machine.

5. Developed process critical machines for different applications like HT & LT transformer rectangle coil winding machines. In many of the cases the machine are built for concept of basic machine and final built machine’s performance like quality, cycle times and core size control where excellent when bench marked with the imported machines.

6. Developed on line inspection system for specific applications like gauging the quality of product. Like formed copper coils where tested for inductance and specific electrical parameters and accordingly transported to corresponding tray.

7. We have the knowledge of peeling machines.

With all the above information I would like to humbly state that we are a progressive company with orientation towards customer with highest quality products. Here I would like to request you to give us an opportunity in your prestigious organization to prove ourselves.

8. We can undertake heavy fabrication facilities as per client designs.

9. Making sub assemblies and fabricated parts as per customer designs

10.Convertion of drawings to indian standard with available materials, taking approvels and manufacture.


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