Strip Coil Winding machine
Product Information

1.Strip Coil Winding machine has a precision traverse with necessary press roller mechanism which helps to keep the wound conductor in intact position there by maintaining the required overall coil dimensions
2. Spindle RPM : 0 to 90 RPM
3. Gear box reduction : 1:16.67
4. Strip size : 20 X 8 mm maximum
5. Easily adaptable for winding different winding diameters
6. Foot operated machine control
7. Motorized press roller traverse
8. Faceplate : 9.84” (250 mm) diameter
9. Air operated press roller arrangement
10. Spindle Rotation: Either direction can be selected by a switch on the control panel.
11. Spindle Center Height: 39.37

12. Tailstock: Mounted on precision ways to allow positioning anywhere along winding axis. 5.90” (150 mm) quill travel. 60 Degree live center in #5 Morse taper
13. Maximum axial height : 25.9” (650 mm) (to accommodate 350 KVA)
14. Maximum Distance between centers: 25.59” (650 mm)
15. Maximum coil weight capacity: Maximum 500 Kg between centers
16. Machine Weight : ~ 1200 Kgs
17. Motor Equipment for main drive: 5HP (3.73kw) motor with variable speed, foot controlled, DC drive
18. Motor Equipment for cross feed drive: 2HP (1.5kw) motor with variable speed, foot controlled, DC drive
19. Electrical Control panel: Electrical control panel to accommodate DC drives, relay logic and switch gear
20. Power and air Requirement: Electrical: 5HP: 415 V, three phase, 20 amps, Air: 5.5 bar at minimal CFM