Core Slitting Machine
Product Information

                                      Slitting Line Specifications

Input Material:

Strip width    min/max mm    300 / 1250
Strip Thickness min/max    mm    0.15 / 0.5
Material    Silicon Steel
Coil weight decoiler    Kg    5000 max
Coil ID decoiler    mm    508
Coil OD decoiler    mm    1200
Line speed    m/min    0-80
Scrap disposal    2 scrap winder

Scope of Supply:


Driven by a DC motor and reduction gearbox. Decoiler arranged for direct feeding. Fail safe brake for emergency stop and in event of current supply failure. Drum expansion by hydraulically actuated.

Working width    mm    1250
Mandrel length    mm    1300
No. of segments    4
Expansion range    mm    476 - 530
Round at diameter    mm    508

Coil outside diameter    mm    1200


Consists of Slitter basic equipment along with housing with table for cutter shaft mounting. DC Motor along with a DC Drive, reduction gearbox. Cutter arbors are located in pre-laded taper roller bearings. Bearings mounted in eccentric bushings to maintain constant pass line height.

Working width    mm    1250
Slitting speed    m/min    0 – 80

Side guide assembly:

Side guide assembly consists of manually movable slides to accommodate width range of 300 mm to 1250 mm. Individual movement is given for the slides to lower the setup time.

Coil Car:

Coil car is given a movement in horizontal and vertical direction hydraulically. Horizontal movement facilitates the coil to and fro movement to decoiler. Vertical movement facilitates the loading axis alignment to the decoiler.

Coil car carrying capacity will be 5000 Kgs maximum and capable to receive incoming Silicon steel coil.

Pinch Roller assembly:

Assembly consists of top hard chrome plated roller and bottom PU coated roller. These rollers are pressed together with the help of two hydraulic cylinders. Both the roller assemblies are moving in slides. A geared motor is used to drive bottom roller with the help of universal joint.

Scrap winders:

There are two scrap winders provided with a suitable geared motor to take the edge scrap at both the ends of the strip. These scrap winders to be operated manually.


Turnstile is positioned adjacent to coiler, with 360 Degree swing to take slit coils on to the arms. Assembly has a manual swing facility and weight capacity of 10000 Kgs maximum.

Deflector roller:

A Deflector roller assembly along with an encoder is used to measure the slit length during the operation. Further this can be used as an input for further calculation of finish weight and scrap etc.,


A Hydraulically operated lever with a suitable air bellows and a counter weight is provided for maintaining required tension at the coiling side.

Burr marcher:

Burr marcher is used in line to remove slit burr on the outgoing material this is being operated by individual hand operated wheels to have an adjustment for burr level control.


The coiler represents the reference speed of the slitter head
The line speed will be adjusted from the main control panel
Loading coils on decoiler by Coil loading car
Manual strip tail feeding from decoiler to slitter
Scrap disposal by 2 scrap winders
Tension stand for tight coil build up
Manual strip feeding into coiler gripper
Off loading the coils from coiler by pusher plate on to Turnstile assembly


1) Powder coated sheet metal front open electrical panel will accommodate the following:

   a) Digital DC Drives for Decoiler, Pinch Roller, Slitter and coiler.
   b) Switch mode power supply (SMPS)
   c) Programmable logic controller (PLC)
   d) Relay logics
   e) Switch gear
   f) Terminal blocks
   g) Panel cooling fans
   h) Panel light
   i) MCB’S
   j) MCC’B

2) Powder coated sheet metal pendant stand will accommodate the following:

   a) Man Machine Interface with 10.4” LCD Touch color Screen
   b) Push button Station for machine operation in auto and manual mode

3) Interface cables
   a) DC motors and drives armature and field cables accommodated in panel
   b) Encoders/Tacho and respective drives control Interface
   c) Sensors and transducers interface.
   d) MMI to PLC interface
   e) PLC i/o to all the sensors, push buttons etc

4) Sub Control push button Stations for the following sub systems to run in manual mode.
   a) Coil Car
   b) Decoiler
   c) Pinch Roller
   d) Slitter
   e) Coiler

5) Parameters and messages to enable

   a) Line speed in auto mode
   b) Slit to length (stops automatically after the desired length is slitted)
   c) Auto stops and start soft keys
   d) Input width in mm
   e) Output width in mm
   f) Parent coil outside diameter, coiler shaft expansion diameter
   g) Operator Messages
   h) Alarm messages


   a) Incase of power failure the data existing in PLC at the time of power failure will be retained and on power resume, operator can run the machine from where it has stopped due to power failure.
   b) Two sets of electrical schematics, PLC Ladder, operator alarm messages, I/O Listings, maintenance and operators manual will be provided along with soft copy of PLC program.