Product Information
Formed Steel Construction with suitable thickness to support the coil weight of 400 kgs and other operating loads.
Mandrell Support Fixed headstock with movable tailstock mounted on the bed.
Coil Dimentional control
Pneumatic press roller arrangement with suitable traverse mechanism to control coil dimensions.
perating Speeds 0-250 RPM
Spindle Speed AC Servo Motor
Spindle Speed Control system
Optical Encoder feedback is given t the servo motor drive aystem and an additional proximity switch input is given to the microprocessor to fix the reference position of main spindle.
Press Roller Traverse mechanism System will provide the movement of the wire, exactly by the pitch equallent to the,set distance with an accuracy of +/- 10 Microns. Traverse achieved through a lead screw(ball),having pitch accuracy of */- 3 microns and is driven through an AC Servo Motor having,its own drive. Linear Bearings are used to move the traverse boxfrom one end to the other.
Wire Feeding System will have pullys and Suitable Tensioners are provided, this takes the wire from uncoiling,and feeding system and allows the wire to wind on the core with selected pitch.,A no wire indication system is also provided so that as soon as the wire breaks or get exhauted,,machine stops automatically.
Paper Feeding Feeding System is provided which can take three layers of papers and cut the exact length required,automatically (length), is calculated by micro processor and feeds the paper on the spindle for wiring.
Support for moving Elements Rigid base with adjustable height plotform is provided on which traverse system and paper feeding system is mounted.
Loading Station Bobbin Stand having provision to hold 3 paper bobbins. Wire bobbin uncoilers (two numbers) are provided on a column at a fixed place. This will have a provision for easy loading and unloading of bobbins.
Machine Control MicroProcessor bad programmee logic control system is provided to programme and compute the various variables.,A Suitable push button station is also provided for manual operating mode. Total winding operation will bw programmed.
Ramp up Optional provision for low speed to high sped ramp up facility.
Motor 3 H.P. A.C. Servo motor with Break.
Faceplate 250mm diameter to hold the winding mandrell
Travers Lead Screw, RPM is programmable for different wire diameters and spindle speeds.
Wires in parllel Maximum 2 Nos.
Wire Size: copper 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm.
Wire Size: Aluminium 0.6 mm to 4.5 mm.
Coil Size 600 mm(Width) X 500 mm Dia.
Coil Length 600 mm.
Primary Speed Reduction Timer Belts and Pulley
Secondary Reduction Gear Box
Tail Stock MOunted on Bed, 150 mm of tail stock spindle movement is available.
Power Requirements Electrical 440 V, 50 HZ, 3 Phase
Air Pressure 80 PSI at minimal
Centre Height 1000 mm from the floor
Distance Between Centers 700 mm (Maximum).
Swing Diameter 600 mm (Maximum)