Paper Edge Forming Machine For Interlayer Insulation
Product Information

Use of paper edge forming machine in line with coil winding machine saves huge amount of set up time for the inter layer insulation and there by reducing the cycle time in winding and enhanced quality.
1. Paper thickness : Minimum 2 mill and Maximum 8 mill
2. Paper width (after folds) : Minimum 100 mm and Maximum 500 mm
3. Maximum number of folds : 5 (optional)
4. Standard number of folds : 3
5. Gear box reduction : 1:37.5
6. Machine speed variable to 40 RPM maximum
7. Motor for the drive: 2 HP (1.5 KW) DC Motor with variable speed
8. Electrical Control panel: Electrical control panel to accommodate DC drive, relay logic, and switch gear
9. Power Requirement: Electrical: 3 HP: 230 V, single phase, 10 amps
10. Rollers with standard sizeof 15mm fold will be supplied or other wise what size of the width to be indicated along with order.